See your very own doctor

Most calls are $50 per call, but it’s possible that your doctor might have a different fee set prior to your call. Once you have agreed to the fee, the doctor will be contacted to take the call.

As a private consultation fee and depending on your prior arrangements, it may not be rebate-able through your health cover back home. You will not be charged until the call is complete.

Global Medical Network

If your doctor is unavailable, another doctor with similar expertise that speaks your language or best fits the request can help if you prefer.

After your call, the outcome of the call can be sent, with your consent, to the original doctor you tried to speak to.

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Medical Translation

Your doctor might advise you to attend another health service while you’re in another country so you can be physically examined by another doctor.

If this is required, you can request for your Call Summary to be translated into another language to avoid miscommunication.