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See a Doctor now from the comfort of home without the trouble of making appointments and no more unnecessary time spent in the waiting room. Our aim is to partner with your local healthcare providers and Afterhours Doctor services to

Medical Care of the Future

Every call will be accompanied by a printable Call Summary of the Doctor’s opinion and management plan. The purpose of this summary is to provide a clear document on what was discussed over the call so you can conveniently refer to later.

Designed by Doctors for Patients

Our Doctors have the freedom to see patients whenever and wherever is mutually convenient to both Doctors and patients. Our mission is to help keep healthcare cost affordable for all our patients by providing an efficient and accessible on demand healthcare

MedicRelief launches on April 1 to coincide with private health premium rise

MedicRelief launches on April 1 to coincide with private health premium rise

On April 1st this year, the premium for private healthcover will be rising three times the inflation rate. After stealthily working on MedicRelief video consultation telemedicine app for the past year, we have decided we will take this opportunity to  release

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What people have said after using MedicRelief…

Very knowledgable and professional doctor. I'm surprised 10 minutes was actually more than enough for everything I wanted advice for. Love the call summary they send out after every call so I don't forget the things we discussed.

Jonathan Larkin, 24 - Postgraduate Student

"The friendly doctor gave very helpful advice and offered a work certificate for a day off work. Best of all, they have a callback system to check if I had improved and made sure I was fit to go to work the next day."

Kimberley Coulson, 33 - Business Manager

“Although not covered by Medicare, for $40 it is less than what I pay when I'm not bulk-billed anyway. It saved me time and I can avoid sitting for long hours with other sick people in the waiting room."

Nathan Greene, 28 - Civil Engineer

Common things we treat...

These are some of the most common conditions our doctors treat quickly and effectively over a quick video call. Statistics consistently show a lot of physical visits to the doctor often doesn't result in a prescription. This is because most of these common ailments can be resolved with proper advice and correct use of over the counter medications.