doctorsImagine you could rate your doctor after each visit in categories like on-time rate, helpfulness, quality and communication. It’s a pretty unique concept, but at MedicRelief that is how we operate.

After each visit we ask you to rate your experience. The ratings give us an incredible chance to check in on our providers and increase the quality of service whenever possible – like if something went wrong during a video visit, we can rectify it for the patient. It also gives us better insight on the level of professionalism, level of service and the patients view on the helpfulness of their Doctor.

We also do peer reviews, meaning each Doctor’s consultations are blindly scored by another Doctor. We combine the peer and patient scores along with other metrics like timeliness, professionalism, adherence to evidence, prescription percentage, etc. We use this information to provide each Doctor with concrete feedback with the ultimate goal of providing the patient with the very best service possible.

In healthcare, the fact that we are doing it at all is a big step. The fact that we are doing it for every single visit is even bigger. But the fact that we act on the results in both the near and long term to effect real change in our service is setting the bar to a higher standard for all healthcare providers.

In addition to rating our Doctors and the patient experience, we also want to keep a close eye on the actual health of our patients. So we follow up with patients shortly after their visit to assess their current state of health.

We want to know are they better, worse or the same as when they first called. In greater than 99% of cases we have diagnosed as treatable, patients report their symptoms to be completely resolved. In the case the patient isn’t doing better, we can quickly and clearly suggest a referral or the best course of action.