doctor-on-computerOn April 1st this year, the premium for private healthcover will be rising three times the inflation rate. After stealthily working on MedicRelief video consultation telemedicine app for the past year, we have decided we will take this opportunity to  release MedicRelief and coincide with this significant event.

The decision by Health Minister Sussan Ley to approve a 5.59 per cent premium rise is more than three times the inflation rate with some health fund products rising well in excess of this amount.

Analysis by News Corp Australia found Bupa’s Top Hospital with $250 excess is rising by 8.5 per cent and Medibank’s combined hospital and extras package for families by 9.5 per cent.

This has prompted half a million angry Australians to consider quitting their health insurance and find other alternative or potentially even flood the public health system which could swamp the existing services.

So far, a Galaxy poll commissioned by health fund iSelect has found that almost half of all health fund members plan to shop around to find a better deal. Seven per cent of health fund members will ditch their insurance, another 530,000 Australians will switch health funds, two million have decided to do nothing.

In a bid to help health fund members choose a better insurer, the AMA has released a private health insurance report card showing how much different health funds paid for 22 of the most common hospital procedures.

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Although MedicRelief is only designed to be a quick medical consultation service, we believe our contribution to help alleviate the pressure on the public healthcare cost puts us in a position to take part in the larger debate of how our public and private healthcare cost has changed dramatically over the recent years and now is the time for us to take action.