Our Doctors have the freedom to see patients whenever and wherever is mutually convenient to both Doctors and patients. Our mission is to help keep healthcare cost affordable for all our patients by providing an efficient and accessible on demand healthcare service.

The purpose of MedicRelief is for all Doctors to come together and provide an online medical service where we can collectively contribute to how public healthcare resources can be more effectively utilised while valuing the time and effort put in by our Doctors.


See a Doctor now from the comfort of home without the trouble of making appointments and no more unnecessary time spent in the waiting room.

Our aim is to partner with your local healthcare provider and a number of Afterhour Doctor services to help decide if you need to be seen by a Doctor soon or if you could wait to see your own Doctor at a later date.


Every call will be accompanied by a printable Call Summary of the Doctor’s opinion and management plan. The purpose of this summary is to provide a clear document on what was discussed over the call so you can conveniently refer to later.

This document can also be shared with the next healthcare provider you see in case we advise you to attend the Emergency Department, see your own Doctor at a later date, or if we send out an Afterhours visiting Doctor.