NOT FOR EMERGENCY – If this is an emergency, please stop what you are doing and dial the local emergency number on your phone, or attend immediately to your nearest local emergency service. By continuing to use the MedicRelief app, you indemnify MedicRelief and acknowledge that MedicRelief and its associates are not liable against any losses, damages, costs, and expenses.

10 Minutes

10 MINUTE CONSULT – This app is designed for quick video calls with Doctors. Calls are limited to 10 (Ten) minutes in order to ensure affordability and efficiency. All calls are designed to terminate at the 10 minute mark. During the call, a time warning will appear at the 8 minute mark and a countdown will start 1 minute prior to the end of the call.

Cost per call

COST PER CALL – All calls are priced to be afforable in order to provide a effective and efficient service without compromising on quality. This is NOT a bulk-billed service and you WILL NOT be able to claim the cost of the call back from Medicare, your medical insurance, or any other medical healthcare cover you may have.


CALLS ARE RECORDED – All calls made over this app will be recorded with strict adherance to patient confidentiality and privacy policy. We only collect information that is relevant and necessary for the care of your health. MedicRelief does NOT share information with any 3rd party or other services unless legally required. Let us know during the call if you do not want us to collect certain information about you and we will discuss with you about any consequences this may have on the service we provide to you.

Call quality

CALL QUALITY – Please ensure a smooth and uninterrupted call by connecting your mobile/smartphone device over a stable high speed WIFI network. Standard data charges may apply if you use the mobile data provided by your telecommunication service provider.

Medical History

MEDICAL HISTORY – Have your medical history, current medications, and allergy list ready with you before your call to keep Doctors informed. If you have a thermometer, blood pressure cuff, heart rate monitor, or have any medical applications on your mobile device please have them ready. This information will help the Doctor provide a management plan in order to evaluate your condition safely and effectively.

No Prescription

NO PRESCRIPTIONS – This app is designed for quick video calls with Doctors. Doctors can, but are not expected to prescribe any medication over this app. You may request for a valid medical certificate that can be emailed to you for you to print out and bring to your workplace but once again, this service may only be provided at the Doctor’s discretion.