how-it-worksSTEP 1: Download the MedicRelief app and sign up for a patient account.*

STEP 2: Give MedicRelief permission to send you push notification so it can communicate to you and location access so it can help find doctors or health services in close proximity to you.

STEP 3: Let us know a bit about you such as who is your usual doctor or which medical practice you usually go to. Alternatively, you can enter the Doctor Code of your doctor if they already have one.

STEP 4: Start by tapping on the “Make a Video Call” button.  You will be able to enter some details to describe your situation, condition, or specify what is troubling you at the moment. Enter the reason for your call and take a photo if it is relevant to your medical condition.

STEP 5: Enter your payment details and proceed to start the call. Standard calls are priced at AUD$50 per call (or equivalent). Please remember that the cost of your call will NOT be covered by Medicare and it CANNOT be claimed from any health insurance or health cover that you may have.

STEP 6: Wait for the doctor to accept your call and make sure you are ready to proceed with the call. Have your Medical History, Current Medication, Family History, Social History, and Allergies list ready prior to the call. All calls are recorded for your protection with strict adherence to confidentiality and privacy policy. Please make sure you are dressed appropriately and wait for the doctor to pick up your call.

STEP 7: The doctor will respond to your call request and you will be notified. Please ensure that your compatible device is connected to a strong and stable internet connection, preferably over a Wireless internet connection, otherwise standard data charges may apply from your mobile service provider. A “Connection Test” will take place and your call will proceed if the internet connection is suitable for the call to take place. Please ensure that you remain on the same connection as you used during the “Connection Test”.**

STEP 8: The doctor will answer your call and proceed to engage with you over a video call very much like a regular Skype or FaceTime video conferencing session on your phone.

STEP 9: The doctor will complete the call and you can rate the doctor at the end of the session. Please request for a medical certificate during the call ending if you require one. The medical certificate will be emailed to you.

STEP 10: The doctor will complete a Call Summary similar to a medical report. You will be notified when it becomes available to you. You can chose to share the Call Summary via the Call History section of the app.

*RECOMMENDED: You can pre-enter your Medical History, Current Medication, Family History, Social History, and Allergies on the app prior to your call as this will help the doctor to accurately evaluate your condition safely and effectively in order to provide you with a management plan.


*  NOTE: MedicRelief is not designed for people under the age of 18. You must be 18 years old or above to use MedicRelief.

** NOTE: Please note that standard data charges may apply if you use the mobile data provided by your telecommunication service provider.